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Peaty Counseling and Consulting, PLLC serves children as young as 5 years and up through adolescents.  I value partnering with the child and family in creating a tailored treatment plan treatment to address your concerns.  Because a child's primary language is play, creative art-based and play-based techniques are utilized to support your child in making positive changes.  Family work is integral in a child's success in treatment and parental involvement in treatment is encouraged.

Together, we can address your child's:

 - Anxiety

 - Depression

 - Emotional dysregulation

 - Inattention/hyperactivity

I have a special interest in working with adoptees (both children and adults) as well as adoptive parents.  With a focus on attachment based and neuroscience supported interventions, we can work together to help increase your child's felt sense of safety, as well as deepen your resources in parenting.

Family Breakfast
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